The famous social network TikTok was formerly called until it was changed last August 2018. This program is for folks who like to see video clips and share them. Every single day, there are around 600 million videos published by 100 million active TikTok users. This will make the platform one of the biggest worldwide with regards to videos being shared and streamed live. 
If TikTokers want to view these videos, how more if the videos are created on their own. It’s generally of various themes of around 15 seconds to one minute long. It could be a short humorous film dialogue, entertaining lip-sync, or popular dance steps. Folks are eager to show their own videos together with their own friends if they believe that it will amuse the viewers, and make them giggle. However if you simply want to create and edit more videos, you may think of other apps and editing applications to utilize. Follow this post and you’ll be guided about how you can download TikTok videos to your digital and cellular devices. 
 Download Tiktok Videos to Smartphone
TikTok app can be downloaded if you are using either iPhone or Android phones. Launch the TikTok app on your phone and look for the Account icon. This is located on the main window of the app, on the bottom right side. Try to find the list of videos that are located on your profile page, pick and tap the video that you want to download. As early as you tap it, it will begin playing. On that playing page at the lower right section, you’ll find a “Share” icon. Tap again and different sharing options will pop out just choose the "Download" option. As soon as the video is successfully downloaded, now you can see it on your phone's gallery or camera roll.
  TikTok Video Downloader from Google Play App Store
You can pick application for this specific purpose in Google Play store. You can pick the best TikTok video downloader according to your preference and use of comfort. Install it to your device. On the separate procedure, you can try and search for the video you wish to download on the list. Video chosen must play instantly after it was tapped. Of all choices accessible, pick the Copy Link option as you will be needing that link on the TikTok Video downloader application you just downloaded. Once you have pasted the link on that downloader, you should have a preview of it now. Select the option to download the video on that page. The download time of this method is faster compared to the above first technique.
 Make your Email as TikTok Video Downloader
 In case you remember the share option in TikTok that was mentioned in the previous strategies, then this next one will be a lot simpler to follow. One of the choices that you can decide on is to share it through Email.  This will let you create an email and utilize it as your Tiktok video downloader. Just stick to the initial ways that were abovementioned in the very first two downloading strategies until you reach the Share icon again. Select the email option and fill the To and From boxes. Once the email is opened, the video should be there. Next to the video is an option to download the video.
  Downloading TikTok videos should be easier now using the above strategies. Acquiring a copy of TikTok videos will not take too long using any of the above techniques.

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